NCAA College Football Trivia

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NCAA College Football Trivia

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What year was the Holiday Bowl between Southern Methodist University and Brigham Young University that was dubbed "The Miracle Bowl" based on the come-from-behind victory capped by Jim McMahon's Hail Mary touchdown pass?

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Which NCAA Division I football team won a National Championship in 1994 and then went on to win another in 1995?

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In 2004, which player finished in second place in the Heisman voting, the highest finish ever for a freshman?

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Which NCAA football team enters the field with "Also Sprach Zarathustra" playing?

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What Michigan player became famous before winning the Heisman for striking a Heisman pose after scoring a touchdown against Ohio State?

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Which of these Ohio schools does not field a football team?

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Who was the first NCAA Division I football player to gain more than 6,000 career rushing yards?

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Which Boston College quarterback through the 48-yard Hail Mary pass to defeat the University of Miami in 1984?

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What is the winningest program in NCAA Division I college football history?

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What is the name of the award given out each season to the nation's top college quarterback?

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