Father’s Day Trivia

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Father's Day Trivia

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What is the most popular gift to give dads on Father’s Day?

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What day is Father’s Day celebrated on every year?

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When was the word “dad” first recorded?

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What is the traditional flower for Father’s Day?

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Approximately how many fathers are there in America?

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What is the average age of first-time fathers in America? 

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In Greek mythology, who is known for eating his own children to prevent them from overthrowing him?

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Who is the “Founding Father” of the United States?

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The father with the most children is most likely Ismail Ibn Sharif, who fathered this many children in the late 17th century.

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The father with the most children from one woman is Feodor Vassilyev. How many children did he and his wife have?

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