Des Moines Trivia


Des Moines Trivia

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Quizzers who score more than 80% will be entered into the Annual CITYVIEW Trivia Event Contest.

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Which radio station did Ronald Reagan work for while in Des Moines?

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Between the years of 1942 and 2009, a city ordinance made dancing illegal between the hours of 2-6 a.m.

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What was the city of Des Moines' population as of the 2019 population estimate?

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What famous actor struck and killed a goldfinch when playing in a PGA Pro-Am celebrity golf tournament in West Des Moines?

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Based on archeological evidence, the junction of the Des Moines and Raccoon Rivers has attracted humans for at least

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Approximately how long are Des Moines’ skywalks?

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What famous rock star reportedly bit the head off a bat while in concert in Des Moines in 1982? 

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How many ounces of gold are in the Iowa State Capitol’s dome ?

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What year was Drake University founded in Des Moines?

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Approximately how many schools are in the Des Moines Public Schools system?

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