Tax Trivia


Tax Trivia

Join us each month to test your knowledge of central Iowa topics.

Quizzers who score more than 80% will be entered into the Annual CITYVIEW Trivia Event Contest.

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How much do you think it costs taxpayers for each $100 collected by the IRS?

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What items were first taxed as a luxury in 1898, at the start of the Spanish-American War, and continue to be taxed today?

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In all, about how many people do you think reported 078-05-1120 as their Social Security number?

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How many Americans were out of work during the Great Depression?

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How many tax returns were filed electronically in the current tax year?

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What was the average annual income in 1913?

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What is largest expense on average for our states?

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The error rate for a paper return is 21 percent; what do you think the error rate is for an e-file return?

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What was the average amount in refunds that the IRS paid to taxpayers in the current tax year?

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Which ancient civilization revered the tax professional as the most noble man in society?

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