Star Wars Trivia


Star Wars Trivia

Join us each month to test your knowledge of central Iowa topics.

Quizzers who score more than 80% will be entered into the Annual CITYVIEW Trivia Event Contest.

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Who do Obi-Wan and Yoda give Leia to?

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What color is Yoda’s lightsaber in “Attack of the Clones”?

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What beast do Han and Luke ride in the snow on the planet Hoth?

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Who does Luke see behind the mask in the cave in Dagobah?

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How does Obi-Wan kill General Grievous?

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The Jedi Council has how many members?

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Who is Darth Tyranus also known as? 

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What planet is the home planet of Chewbacca and the Wookies?

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What bounty hunter captures Han Solo?

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How many engines does an X-wing fighter have?

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