NFL Football Trivia


NFL Football Trivia

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Quizzers who score more than 80% will be entered into the Annual CITYVIEW Trivia Event Contest.

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Who was the first player to rush for 1,000 yards in a season?

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What team won 3 Super Bowls in the 1990s?

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What team was originally named the New York Titans?

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In 1993, what NFL team made off-season trades for Joe Montana and Marcus Allen?

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Who was the first player drafted in the first NFL draft in 1936?

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What Motown singer tried out for the Detroit Lions in 1970?

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What is the oldest NFL franchise in continuous operation with the same name in the same location?

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Who holds the best rookie passer rating in NFL history?

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What wide receiver caused a sensation his rookie season with a one-handed catch?

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Which NFL team features a helmet logo on only one side of their helmet?

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