Martin Luther King Jr. Trivia

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Martin Luther King Jr. Trivia

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Where did Martin Luther King Jr. deliver the speech “I Have a Dream?”

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Which law or act that encouraged segregation between white and black people did Martin Luther King criticize?

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In 1964 Dr. King was the youngest person to be granted the Nobel Peace Prize. How old was he?

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In 1968, King was planning a march of people but was assassinated just weeks before the event. What was the march’s name?

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What was the name of the man who was convicted for assassinating Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968?

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What was Martin Luther King Jr.’s original first name, he was given at birth?

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The civil rights leader is being recognized each year with the Martin Luther King Jr. Day. When is this day being celebrated?

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How old was King when he entered college?

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In which field of study did Martin Luther King Jr. obtain a degree at Morehouse College?

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What was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s first job as a young boy?

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