Daylight Saving Time Trivia

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Daylight Saving Time Trivia

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What year was Daylight Saving Time first implemented in the United States?

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Why was Daylight Saving Time introduced?

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President Franklin D. Roosevelt referred to Daylight Saving Time as:

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In the early 1960s, which industry found the lack of consistent time standards confusing and pushed for federal regulation?

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What year was the passage of the Uniform Time Act, which finally standardized when clocks would be advanced one hour in the spring?

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Which states do not observe DST?

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Which president signed the act that extended Daylight Saving Time?

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Before 2006, which state allowed each county to determine whether to observe Daylight Saving Time?

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Who first conceived the idea of Daylight Saving Time?

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Which country was the first to officially adopt a system of Daylight Saving Time?

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